1:1 brand advertising subsidies support;
Supported eight brand events throughout the year, O2O new marketing model;
More than two or more coalition activities throughout the year, the company's marketing department fully supported;
Free store design, senior store designers unified free design;
Three training systems, training department resident training, regional agent factory direct-operated shop combat training, dealer conference lecturer training;
Free to do professional decoration instructions for the store;
Strong national media advertising support, search engines, industry websites, high-speed rail stations, high-speed anti-aircraft artillery advertising, and other major media all attacked;
National unified sample discount support;
Regional exclusive management to ensure the interests of agents;
Full support for opening support, gifts, teams, and marketing programs.

Specialized in industry, skilled in technology, so first place!

Jinnalai focuses on innovation and specializes in the R&D and manufacturing of doors. The leading products are products such as wooden doors and painted wood doors, leading the development of the door industry, fulfilling various consumer demands in Jinnalai, and agreeing on different categories in Jinnalai.

Jinnalai has a sound marketing network and service system that focuses on brand marketing and meticulous service to provide strong support for timeless innovation and sustainable brands. The company strengthens management, pays attention to quality, and has the courage to undertake social responsibilities, providing consumers with better, more value, safer and more comprehensive consumer protection.


Marketing Management

  • Shop support

    The professional team provides professional guidance and full-decoration design for the construction of agency stores. Provide uniform promotional items, installation videos, advertising videos, and product promotion and promotion materials for agents to quickly learn and quickly start the market.

  • Marketing training

    The company provides professional training in product knowledge, marketing strategies, sales techniques, and team management, and continues to improve the profitability of the agents. A regional manager assists agents to carry out project business in the local area and produce product plans and marketing plans.

  • Product development

    A large scientific research team and design team spared no effort to ensure the product function and R&D of new products, and achieved sufficient profit for profit. Under the premise of maintaining product quality, we will continue to innovate to grasp market trends.

  • Advertising promotion

    The company will launch advertisements on the Internet and media. On-line and offline development, online promotion, WeChat promotion, community activities, etc. Through a wealth of advertising channels to expand the brand's visibility, to lay a good foundation for agents around the sales work.

  • service support

    The professional team will provide you with a full range of after-sales technical and service support. We will formulate a complete after-sales service process for our customers, so that your experience will not worry.

  • Regional protection

    The development of agents is strictly divided according to the regions, and the agents are authorized to protect their markets and profit margins. Each region (city) level develops exclusive agents, and regional distributors develop directly from this agent.

Vision determines your altitude
Jinnalai walks with the believer, and walks with the dreamer
Jinnalai Education Conference event


Dealer witnessed consistent consumer choice, more profit space, all in Jinnalai!



  • Has a legitimate business license
  • Recognized Jinnalai brand and products
  • Recognize the future direction of the company
  • Consciously safeguard and promote the development of the Jinnalai brand
  • Strictly follow the brand management system to protect brand reputation
  • For more information, please contact us



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