Copper Patina copper plaques occurred should be how to deal with

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  Many consumers now in use for a long time, the copper door will more or less havesome bronze or copper plaques, many consumers in the face of such a problem does not know what to do, then the following copper door manufacturer to introduce the question should be how to deal with.

  Heating method. This method is mainly for rusting iron with less money. The main ingredient is iron oxide rust, its molecular structure is fairly loose, so using the principle of expansion and contraction can be made part of the iron coins of the rust off.But when you use this method, care must be taken to add a vessel to undertake (such as pans and other metal containers), better to add some water. Then heating time should not be too long, stir Cook for three or four minutes, remove with a coldwet towel, rust will come off naturally. Choose heating rust, the object should be corrosion of iron is good and more shallow iron money, never rusted grave and copper rust have fragile copper heating method, otherwise the already fragile copper experience could have shattered the high temperature, pieces

  Dry-brush method. Verdigris or rust when attached to lighter, you should try to avoid using chemical means such as vinegar, and you can use a dry brush method. King size brushes for one specific method is selected, it will be written on the mane cutwell away from the root of 0.5-0.7 cm can be used. Brush rusted copper is first placed on a glass plate, hold, hold oil base brush evenly, should pay attention to, or ineffective, then rinse.

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