Bronze doors of the performance benefits

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  Copper door by definition is using copper to make the doors, giving is often a kind ofsacred feeling. Copper Gate were used in homes was introduced into its extraordinary character appearance of the with apartments and villas, characteristic in men were under the foot of the rugged face.

  Copper made up of steel structural frame inside the door, external parcels processed copper Panel sections, easy to bend the plastic not easy to crack the T2 profiles with copper door panels are very well, is used more in the bronze doors. Copper is corrosion-resistant materials, but bronze doors in the making or will make further preservative treatment; the surface drawing and multiple surface cleaning, partition Panel profiles contact surface and corrosive materials, keep the original copper color.Copper door steel frame in hot-dip galvanizing process is required and structural welding and installation of copper, copper doors to customize, workers a site survey todetermine the detail size and back again in accordance with the relevant data and graphic material, and on-site installation.

  Usually the price of copper door door size, door thickness, carved decorative character, and lock levels and other factors. Door leaf size, exquisite product, high prices,copper door locks, brass handle and copper handle can be monogamous, such as custom with the copper door will also be included in the total price.

  Copper door material is essential, the production process quality is the key. In particular pay attention to check for defects, such as welding, joints, welding, slag and other spills. Guard door and door frame joints are dense, uniform clearance space, open and flexible, all connectors for foraging, plating is uniform paint firm and smooth.

  Commercially available copper door Deluxe, mid-range, general categories. Luxurypanels are made of stainless steel panels, ornate fences are made from stainless steel profiles, main frame is made of stainless steel square tube production generallyuse the medium type a radius of combining steel and floral combinations; ordinary square steel tube, round and flat steel (16x4 mm) and other materials.

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