Do you know how to tell the difference between true and false copper doors?

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If you want to do how to distinguish true and false copper doors, the identification method of true and false copper doors; The first thing to know is what is a fake copper door. The current fake copper door in the market comes down to the following types:
(1) The contract signed copper plate thickness and actual production error of copper plate, due to the high density of copper 8.9 T/m3, the price is from 60,000 to 7 million tons, 0.1 mm error, factory cost savings 150 yuan
(2) Copper and aluminum composite plate, the surface copper thickness is generally 0.1 mm -0.2 mm;
(3) Copper composite plate, the surface copper thickness is generally 0.12 mm-0.15 mm;
(4) Stainless steel plating, the surface copper thickness is generally 0.3 μm ~ 0.4 μm.
The above copper plate doors are collectively referred to as fake copper doors. The surface uses pure copper materials. Using ordinary people can not distinguish between the introduction of several methods for your reference:
The conditions allow the use of equipment testing, instrument name: plate thickness measuring instrument, measuring the sound speed of all materials according to different materials to test what kind of material, equipment price is 3,500 yuan, there are many manufacturers online.
2, because the general private users do not have the above conditions, now for the above four false copper door introduction. In order to save the cost of using thin copper plates to make copper, the general copper gate factory practices are as follows:
(1) The door frame can be seen using a folding machine to fold the edge of the edge of the knife so that it looks thick, but the eyes can see because the two layers of copper are stacked together, curved, and the actual single copper edge presents a right angle of 90 degrees. At the same time, the thin phenomenon can be clearly seen in the battle in the corner.
(2) Copper plate doors generally use 0.25 mm -0.4 mm soft copper embossed flowers(central copper plate back door as long as the embossed 0.25 mm -0.4 mm, if the customer needs a flower model recommended corrosion process.
(3) The packaging of the mounting surface of the door is removed, leaving the copper door more than 5 meters, and the light detection of 0.8 mm above the copper plate, without the next wave of no light, on the contrary, there is a clear wave if the sun is more powerful in the direct summer.
(4) Copper and steel composite panel measurement is more convenient to use directly, using a small piece of magnet, because the copper door frame and the iron frame are closed outside the 9mm door, such as using a larger suction stone. When measuring the suction stone, The suction surface is only due to suction.
(5) Copper and aluminum composite plates, copper and aluminum due to the density difference between the two materials is too large, copper 8.9 T/m3, aluminum 2.7 T/m3, with fingers to hear the sound, pure copper slapping sound dull, The combination of copper and aluminum beat the tremor of the sound.
(6) Stainless steel plating, because the coating is too thin, the surface is very different from the brush hair, pure copper is not the same, can not be repaired.
The above description or a bit of professionalism. The easiest way: the user uses a knife to install the front of any front of the door to cut off the line. Because all the lines are covered with glass, just remove a little bit, and the glass paste is removed, and the copper door is manually installed on the frame, which is more than 0.8 mm hard than soft. When you look separated, look at the copper plate part.
When buying copper doors, you should pay attention to the following points: Obviously lower than the market price is definitely false. The contract must be signed with the authority and responsibility of both parties, such as any liability for copper less than the thickness of the factory. The user's detection method: method(above teaching method) and so on.

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