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        our company is specialized in producing and selling. our company search high real copper doors of modernized enterprise. our companies use rich natural resources of"the China Hardware capital", we invest and introduct into domestic and foreign of advanced technology and equipment using advanced processing technology, developed the "Weiyu" brand Series of products, the

company by virtue of leading management concepts and advanced technology, their quality, to provide our clients with all kinds of artistic beauty, outstanding quality products and improve the service system so that the products both in the area of security, performance, by both Appreciation.

Since the birth of the company has been adhering to the "quality. Innovations. Perfect" management philosophy, technology-pilot. Attaches importance to investment and technical personnel, have established a product Institute. Technology development are. Quality Inspection Center, the sales center. Ministry, and other after-sales service , Across the country established the company as the center agents and special distribution points, the company continuously improving the quality of products and services continuously meet the needs of our customers, and a hand in hand with our customers, sincere cooperation and harmonious social structure and realize Many wins and efforts!