The Art Value of Villa Copper Gate

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he Art Value of Villa Copper Gate
As an ancient art, the copper gate and the copper gate of the villa are used on the copper gate. They are mainly embossed, hollow, forged patterns and auspicious patterns.
Classic animals include dragons, tigers, Phoenixes, turtles and lions, unicorns, deer, cranes, storks, and other flowers and plants, or they are supplemented by abstract patterns of text decoration, which are pinned on people to ward off evil, evil, and pray. Good wishes.
Copper is an extremely stable metal. Its corrosion resistance is very high. It only needs to be handled in a conventional way. However, although the copper gate is naturally antiseptic, it is still prone to chemical changes when it encounters large amounts of sulfur and sulphides.
Therefore, it is necessary to remind you that if the copper door is used outdoors, such as the villa gate, it must be wrapped in the outer frame of the door to prevent rain and snow from falling and prevent sulphide corrosion in precipitation.

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