Copper door everyday tips to share

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  Copper doors because of its good quality and unique appearance by many consumers enjoy, but copper door use, there will be some problems in the process, the following manufacturers of copper using small series to share tips.

  Can make elastic door blocks, bronze doors at home often have to switch when thedoor opens, Gore directly against the wall, over a long period, the lock on the doorand handle for easy touch imprint in the wall, damaged walls and gates of bronze and affect the appearance. Find a 5 cm thick rubber pieces or in small bits of wood nailed to a thick rubber, nail them to the corner of copper inside the hinge side of thedoor, there would be no bronze doors damaged.

  Don't always use the hand to open the door with water stains, so as not to lock color. When you open the door or turn the door handle, do not overexert, lock service life can be reduced. Hinges, locks and other hardware of the regular activities, loosedto tighten it. Door lock doesn't work is turned on, you can add the right amount of foam pencil into the keyhole.

  To let copper door not was wind blow open, home in the of copper door closed Hou if easy was wind blow open or not Kai since open, such both not convenient and not security, can find a size suitable of strong magnet, flat buried in frames above about for door high of 1/4 at, again in doors and frames phase anastomosis of place nail Shang a Tin, closed Hou makes its mutual sucking live, on can prevent doors and Windows was wind blow open.

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